The Mission and Outreach Group

The Mission and Outreach Group seeks to spread the good news of Jesus Christ by word and action.  We share our faith with those who do not know or who are seeking Jesus.  We also seek to help those who already know our Lord into a deeper relationship with him.

Company in the Café

There is usually a church member in the cafe at lunchtimes.  Anyone who is feeling low or in need of company is welcome to come and join them.

Fun, Film & Fellowship



“3Fs” on the third Wednesday each month.  Watch a film, followed by tea and chat.  Come and join us!

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Melody For The Mind

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This group is for those people with dementia and memory problems, along with their carers.

The group meets on the first and third Fridays of each month at 1.30pm.   We start with refreshments, then follow on with an hour of singing and musical activities.  There is no charge for this activity.


Click here for a video showing Melody for the Mind

Support Group for the Persecuted Church

This group meets on the second Tuesday evening of each month, at 7.30pm.  The group shares news, writes letters and prays for our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters in Christ.   All are welcome.

The group sources its information from the following organisations:






Mercy Ships

Credit Photo: Mercy Ships; Aerial photos of the Africa Mercy sailing into Tenerife in July 2013

Imagine if you urgently needed surgery. Cataract repair or wisdom teeth taken out-treated as day surgery here in the UK. But imagine if there are no surgeons nearby, not even a hospital. Where can you turn to?

A lack of access to safe surgery kills more people in low-income countries than AIDS/HIV, TB and malaria combined, with five billion people having no access to safe surgery.

In sub-Saharan Africa, where nearly 70%of people live on less than £2 a day, healthcare in these countries either doesn’t exist or is totally affordable.

Mercy Ships is an international charity that provides free medical and humanitarian services to the people of Africa using its hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. In the developing world, lack of access to basic health care can have horrific results. Mercy Ships freely provides relief to the forgotten poor – saving lives, improving quality of life and restoring hope. The Africa Mercy is the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship – staffed with volunteer doctors, nurses, engineers and agriculturists – that visits ports in some of the world’s poorest countries. Doctors, surgeons and nurses on-board provide free medical and surgical services, while off ship teams help local communities develop sustainable water, sanitation and education programmes.

Mercy Ships has worked in over 70 countries, providing services worth more than £1 billion-directly helping more than 2.5 million people.

The team treats dental and eye problems, cleft lips and palates, tumours, club feet, childbirth injuries, burns and a variety of other conditions.

They also work closely with host nations to improve the way healthcare is delivered, training and monitoring local medical staff, providing tools and equipment and renovating hospitals and clinics.

For more details please visit the Mercy Ship’s Website 


High Cross Church Member Walter Pretorius is a volunteer for the Mercy Ships.


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Click here to read the story about Fanjakely, who was treated on the Mercy Ships

Nine-year-old Fifalina just wanted to be like other little girls—to walk to school with her friends, and play in her village. But her legs were so severely bowed she could barely stand. Her mother had to carry her to school and Fifalina always felt left behind by other children… watch her story here.


Mercy Ships welcomes any help you can give. For donations please go to their website. Could you consider volunteering on their ship?

The Mercy Ship’s Crew is lead by a team of volunteers giving their time and expertise for free-and cover their on-board costs through fundraising. The ship is a small city and needs the volunteers not only doctors and nurses, but also cooks, teachers, receptionists, mechanics, IT specialists, engineers and cleaners-about 400 people on the ship at any one time. They can use you!

Email them to find out how you can be involved and help other little girls like Fifalina: 

Church Charities

Every three years, High Cross Church members elect one or more overseas charities to support.

From January 2017, we are supporting two charities.


We support Camberley Churches in this initiative, supplying food packs, kitchen packs,and baby packs for people in need.

To find out more information visit:

For national information www.besom.com

For local information www.churchestogetherincamberley.org.uk/the-besom-in-camberley/

Children of the Dump (formerly ASCT)



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