Choir and Singing Group

music_singing_groupMusic at High Cross services is varied and supported by both a Choir and Singing Group.

The Choir maintains the tradition of 4-part harmony singing of the more traditional hymns and anthems.  New choir members are always welcome, especially tenors and basses.

The Singing Group introduces and leads the singing of more modern lively worship songs drawn from Songs of Fellowship and other sources, and on regular occasions contributes additional contemporary items within services.  It combines a team of young and older singers with an increasing and enthusiastic number of young instrumentalists forming a band who all mix in a lovely family team.  We are currently seeking and will welcome new members of all ages both as singers and players.

On special festival occasions the Singing Group combines with the Choir for joint productions.  From time to time the Choir and/or Singing Group will lead a complete service, often with the benefit of additional invited singers and accompanists.

There is a well-stocked music cupboard and we are open to music and liturgies drawn from a wide background. Music is seen as an activity with few barriers and as a way of drawing people into the Church – as well as for the enrichment of the worship of the church.


The sanctuary is particularly well suited as a venue for a wide variety of concerts, both of an instrumental and vocal nature, and is frequently used by external organisations such as the Surrey Heath Choral Society, with whom we have strong links.  Members of High Cross also organise concerts both of an ‘internal’ and ‘external’ nature such as organ recitals, choral events, home-grown DIY evenings and jazz concerts, with the proceeds being divided between church funds and external charities.

Details of our next concert below:



There are two electronic organs – a three-manual Allen organ in the sanctuary upstairs and a Wyvern two-manual instrument in the chapel on the ground floor. We currently have two regular organists who share the rota, but we have contact with a number of external musicians whom we draw upon to fill in gaps and to provide extra accompaniment as required.

 The three manual Allen Digital Organ was installed when the Church was built in 1990.  The speakers are built into the roof, with the Swell in the Lantern, the Great and Pedals over the entrance doors and the Choir above the dais.  This makes for “all-around” sound when the manuals are coupled, although you may hear the sound emanating from these different locations at other times.


Summer Organ Recitals – 2017


During the months of June, July and August, High Cross will be hosting its 9th series of lunch time organ recitals in the Sanctuary on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 12.45 pm until 1.30 pm as follows:


Thursday 8 June          Peter Beaven              Royal Memorial Chapel, Sandhurst

Thursday 22 June        Richard Bittleston         High Cross

Thursday 13 July         David Markby                   High Cross

Thursday 27 July        Craig Nathan                     Aylesbury Grammar School

Thursday 10 August     Stewart McSweeney    Salesian College

Thursday 24 August    John Wood                       High Cross


All proceeds towards High Cross Organ Student Scheme
and Church Charities


Details of these and many other organ recitals can be found on