Bible Study House Groups

bible_study_groupsCrossgroups, the name we give to our House Groups, provide opportunities for Bible Study and Prayer leading to a better understanding of our Christian Faith.

All levels from beginner to advanced are available and meetings take place in an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship within five miles of Camberley.

A warm invitation is extended to everybody to come and join in, especially those who have taken part in an Alpha course, are new to the Camberley area or High Cross Church.  Church membership is not a requirement for attending these groups.

Why not make a decision to join a group now and enjoy some friendly Christian company.  All group leaders are happy to provide help and information or, alternatively, ask at the Church Office.


Weekly Bible Study Group 

A weekly Bible Study is held at High Cross Church on Wednesday mornings from 9.45am until about 11.45am.

This is an informal Bible discussion and all are very welcome.