Baptisms and Thanksgivings

baptism9may14-1baptism9may14-2Children are God’s gift to us and many parents want to celebrate their arrival with some form of service in church. Thanksgivings and Baptisms (sometimes called Christening) take place during our Sunday Morning Worship at 10.30am.

Thanksgiving is for parents who simply want to say ‘thank you’ to God for the gift of their child or whilst Christians themselves want to wait for the child to make their own profession of faith by adult baptism.

Baptism is for parents who want to commit themselves and their child to a Christian lifestyle.  It therefore involves words of commitment to Jesus Christ and to church and the church also commits itself to providing Christian nurture for the child.

Please contact the Church Office and one of our Ministers will arrange a visit.

The photos show the baptism of Ryley and Ethan in May 2014, a special moment for Sam and Rich Salt.